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Act quickly and effectively

Corksorb Granules

Act quickly and effectively. Regardless of the type of oil that has polluted both porous and rough surfaces, the cork granules provide a complete and thorough cleaning of the surface. The lightweight of the cork granules not only offers benefits for the workplace and workers, but also keeps the disposal costs low.

  • Hydrophobic Ref.
  • 25 LITER BAG G01025
  • 75 LITER BAG G01006
  • 250 LITER BAG G01250
  • 500 LITER BAG G01500
  • Universal Ref.
  • 25 LITER BAG G03025

Allows a fast absorption

Corksorb Socks

Super absorbent socks for spills, to protect sensitive areas. CorkSorb socks have a durable, tear, tough resistant cover.

  • Hydrophobic Ref.
  • 1,2M LENGTH S07120
  • 3M LENGTH S07300
  • Universal Ref.
  • 1,2M LENGTH SU7120
  • 3M LENGTH SU7300

Terrestrial and Marine Pillows

Corksorb Pillows

Super absorbent pillows for spills, to be used for everyday maintenance, repair and general operations. Use on land and water. Allows a fast absorption.

  • Hydrophobic Ref.
  • DIMENSION OF 30X30CM P30x30
  • DIMENSION OF 45X45CM P45x45
  • Universal Ref.
  • DIMENSION OF 30X30CM PU30x30
  • DIMENSION OF 45X45CM PU45x45

Super and fast absorption, high retention capacity

Corksorb Booms

Super and fast absorption, high retention capacity (non-leaching), repels water and floats on water even after saturation. Strong mesh outer sleeve encases a poly sock skin filled with highly absorbent special cork. Filler won't shed and booms will not sink when saturated with oil. Sturdy hardware with polyester multifilament yarn rope to ensure durability and easy retrieval. Booms can be linked together. They clip together with carbon steel connector hardware.

  • References
  • 3M LENGTH B12300 B20300
  • 6M LENGTH B20600

Customized Kits

Corksorb spill kits

Designed for preventing, containing and cleaning oils / hydrocarbons / chemicals with no water absorption; Easy to transport, handle and allocate; Customized Kits: We can build the custom kit you need because we build our spill cleanup kits in our own factory. You can request different numbers of cork granular absorbent bags, socks, pads or pillows then what is in our standard items. We can even put your company logo on it. We will be happy to fulfil your needs.

  • Hydrophobic Ref.
  • BACKPACK KT0012 KT0021 KTG012 KT0030
  • PVC BAG KT0036
  • Universal Ref.

Repels water based fluids and absorbs oil based fluids

Complementary Products

Oil absorbent, dimpled, bonded oil absorbent pads and rolls are appropriate for use in traffic areas, industrial plants, machine and maintenance shops. Repels water based fluids and absorbs oil based fluids. Suitable for industrial and environmental applications for quick absorption of oil. Bonded, high performance universal absorbent pads and rolls. Great for oil and water based liquids. These high performance absorbent pads are dimpled to soak up more liquids in less time. Bonded for strength and high absorbency.

  • Hydrophobic Ref.
  • R01040 R05040 PM4050
  • Universal Ref.
  • RU1040 RU5040 PU4050


Cork is a 100% Natural Product, completely renewable, extracted from the bark of the Cork Oak.

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