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The Natural choice

Cork is a 100% Natural Product, completely renewable, extracted from the bark of the Cork Oak.

The process of cork extraction is called stripping, a highly specialized process that guarantees that the tree is not harmed.

The cork oak is the basis of an ecological system that is unique in the world. It contributes to the survival of many native species of fauna and flora and prevents desertification in vulnerable areas. It is fundamental to preserve the surrounding environment.

Among the various characteristics that distinguish the cork oak from the other trees in its botanical species, what stands out most is its capacity to regenerate naturally after each extraction of its bark, the cork.

The lifespan of a cork oak is between 170 and 200 years, during which time its bark may be stripped around 15 to 18 times.

Regular extraction of the cork is a fundamental contribution for environmental, economic and social sustainability of the rural areas of the Mediterranean region where the cork oak may be found.

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Cork Absorption Mechanism

The cork cells suck the oil by capillarity and retain it efficiently.

The special cork used in the CorkSorb products is pre-selected and heat treated (NO ADDITIVES) in order to have the best performance to sorb hydrocarbons, oils and organic compounds. In these conditions cork has a strong affinity with hydrocarbons and the sorbent effect is instantaneous. The cork cells suck the oil by capillarity and retain it efficiently.

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Cork cells observed by electronic microscopy
Cork cells after sorbing oil observed by electronic microscopy



The absorption capacity of CorkSorb granules was tested on French standards AFNOR NFT 90-360.


The absorption capacity of CorkSorb granules was tested on American standards ASTM F726-12 / ASTM F726-06, Standard test method for sorbent performance of adsorbents. The performance and uptake capacity of CorkSorb granules were tested on American standards ASTM F716-09.


Determination of total ash and ash insoluble in water on Mexican standards NMX-A-228-1982 - modified.


Our Cork is listed as an absorbent in the National Contingency Plan product schedule of USEPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency). Our cork meets and exceeds the TCLP (Toxicity Characterization Leaching Procedures) - USEPA 1311.


Our Cork is approved by Baseefa to work on ATEX areas.


Our cork is certified by the international institute DEKRA in Germany and fulfil the requirements of the Germany Federal Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, 12 March 1990, for absorbents Type I, II, III.


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The Corksorb products are absorbents designed to deal with any kind of hydrocarbons, oils, solvents and organic compounds spills.

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